Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The One about Sicily and Rome.

Sicily for Easter. No Big Deal. Buon Pasqcua. It was beautiful in Sicily but different from what I have experienced in Italy so far…and oh right…I love the southern food. L-O-V-E IT! Not that Perugia food, and such isn’t amazing, but southern Italian food is deliziousa. It has more spices and is probably way worse for you, but I enjoyed it. There also seemed to be the “southern hospitality” thing. This was also where I was able to obtain my tan, and swim in the Mediterranean. Hopefully someday I will get back to southern Italy and the Med!

Rome. Brit and I went to Rome, and I was able to see my friend Amanda from Arcadia who is studying abroad there. In just two days we managed to fit in the Vatican, Sistine chapel, Spanish steps, collesum, forum, pantheon, trevi fountain, and a wholeee bunch more thanks to Amanda’s awesome tour guide skills! I really really really loved Rome. It might be just as good as Paris! The city was awesome and I liked the Italian feel! Will I return? Well…I did throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain!

Trevi fountain


That’s all folks


P.S. One more post tomorrow fingers crossed. Tonight is my last full night in Perugia with everyone, tomorrow night people begin leaving for trains, planes and automobiles (okay really just trains to get on planes). Anyway, and mama is coming tomorrow! Should be fun!

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