Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The one about Gubbio, Spoleto and Assisi, Naples, Pompeii, Herculaneum and the Amalfi Coast and adventures with Lisa…

This will be short and sweet and to the point.

Gubbio is an awesome place. Bird cages anyone? Yup when you go to Gubbio (which I highly recommend if you ever get to do a crazy Italian adventure) you get to go on what looks like a bird cage, and go up a mountain similar to a ski lift and look at the whole world. Amazing? YUP! Pictures? YUP!

Gubbio-the first time I went, in the snow!

View from the top of the world. Gubbio without snow!

another view shot, and to the left of the picture-the bird cage!

I went to Spoleto and Assisi with my Pagans and Christians class. We got to see the cute little Italian towns that are on mountains and only a short bus ride away from Perugia for only half a day each, but they were cool. We mostly got to see the views, and learn about the Churches and historical context that fit with the class. It was amazing, and I really enjoy field trips that connect to what we are learning.

My friend Dani and I looking out over Spoleto

Assisi, the famous church--and my classmates are in the shot

 Naples, Pompeii, Herculaneum and the Almalfi Coast were all part of my Roman Civilization field trip. It was a three day field trip (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). I am really got that I had the opportunity to go on this field trip. Pompeii and Herculaneum were really cool because they put what I had been learning in class into context. Naples=delicious Neapolitan pizza. ‘nuff said. We got to go to the Almalfi coast for fun, and while it was just a few hours, it was beautiful and I am glad I got to see it!

Pompeii Amphetheater

Walking the Streets of Pompeii

Amalfi Coast

Lisa, my friend from Arcadia, is studying abroad in Ireland. While I REALLY wish I would have had time to visit her, I ran out of weekends. Despite my lack of visiting, she got to visit me! The weekend after spring break she came and it was sooo fun seeing her! We went to Gubbio and Florence. But of courseee I gave her the grand tour of Perugia. Can’t wait to see her when we both get back to the states!


Lisa and I in Gubbio


Florence at night



p.s. Finished my last final today! So nice to be done, spending the next two days living it up in Perugia. Mom--see you soon! (that's weird to say)

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