Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The one about Bacio

Perhaps the greatest chocolate in the world…to be honest, it’s not THAT special…but I love it. I often get a free one from papa ciao ciao or danielli (more on them later), and that is beside the point. Bacio chocolate started in Perugia, and has become a worldwide hit! It has a similar concept to that of a Hershey kiss, since Bacio translates to “kiss” and they use that as one of the selling techniques. The bite sized candies consist of a chocolate hazelnut mixture and a big nut on top. They also all come with a little quote inside. Each quote is on love or friendship, and it is in Italian but translated to English, French, Spanish and some others....? A few days ago, in my Italian class, I had the privilege of going to the Perugina chocolate factory.  There we were able to learn about the chocolate making, (but the tour was in Italian, despite the fact that we could have gotten it in English). I was able to understand a lot of it and it was interesting! Also, Perugia has a chocolate festival every October where there are crazy amounts of chocolate and in 2003 they made the world’s largest Bacio. I can honestly say I am going to miss this chocolate when I get back to the states, maybe I will bring some home and hopefully I can find it once I get home.

Bacio. wrapped and ready to be eaten

The inside of Bacio!

Bacio through the ages...1922



...and most recent...2003

The factory!

a hugeee Bacio!

Bacio flavored gelato anyone?


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