Monday, March 26, 2012

The one about miscellaneous things…

Well here is another blog. I struggle with writting blogs...never know what to say or what to write about. Mostly, I suck at explaining things...I need to speak and use my hands to convey the coolness I have been seeing. But here is a post on some little things I have done/been doing throughout the semester. I have a couple more blog ideas up my sleeve so hopefully in a few days another one will be coming. This one is on some very MINOR things and a few bigger ones...but hey its whats been happening while I am abroad!

The Opera… 
A few weekends ago, on a Thursday night, we decided to go to the opera. It was the very first opera I have ever been too and I really enjoyed it. I’ll be honest, I had no clue what they were saying but the story line was a comedy and of course there was a romance plot. Between my friends and I we were able to figure out basically what was going on. But the best part was the singing. Everyone had such WONDERFUL voices. The whole show was epic between the costumes, the singing, the dancing and the Italian! Long story short, I think I am becoming a fan of opera!

The theater

me and marissa

me and brit...being classy at the opera

the actors/actresses!

Smurf cups… 
So when we first got here, we had a cabinet full of cups. Ironically most of them are old Nutella containers (glass) that were turned into cups. My favorite was the Smurfs one (to be honest I think it was because it made me think of the big bro…yeah yeah that’s right I miss him…) Anyway, so I generally used this cup. One night, Amanda was drinking out of it and I joked with her that she had to be careful with it because it was my favorite. Of course she was like “oh yeah, no big deal”…and approximately 5 minutes later…crash…smurfs cup down. It was a sad night, but no worries I plan on going out and buying a jar of nutella so I can have another smurfs cup! Haha luckily I managed to snap a few pics of it before it broke. On a side note, this morning when Bethany was putting the dishes away, I watched a glass fall out of the cabinet, bounce not once but twice and then shatter to pieces. It was actually really impressive and sadly as I write this I realize that I am rambling on about a story that none of you will fully understand (wish I could have capture that moment of time on camera).

I love breakfast. Waffles, pancakes, syrup, bacon, eggs, toast, home fries/hash browns, muffins, cereal and coffee are all AMAZING. But here I don’t get that. Nope. Italian’s generally don’t eat breakfast, and when they do it’s just a cornetto (croissant) and a shot of espresso. So needless to say my roommates and I have been craving breakfast. Solution: make it! We had “brinner” the other night aka breakfast for dinner and it was amazing. Amanda made pancakes, eggs, pancetta, applesauce and whipped cream. We then recreated the meal Friday for breakfast. I made whipped cream and the eggs, and helped out with some preparation. Amanda worked on the applesauce, and pancetta and pancake mix. Bethany made the pancakes. We turned a sad day consisting of no breakfast into a great one! 


applesauce cooking



I am working with the local Montessori high school. It is awesome. Essentially my fellow classmates and I (Sarah, Ciera, Jordan and Amy) come up with a ‘lesson plan’ and we speak in English so the students improve. It’s for an English class. I love working with the students because they are a lot of fun but we also get to compare our cultures and such. This is probably one of my favorite classes (going to the school, not the class that I have to go to for the program…if that made any sense). Anyway, I can’t wait to be able to tell people about this experience in person!

My daily life…
It is getting a lot nicer here. The weather is warm and sunny and beautiful. We can sit out on the steps by the fountain, and sun bath or just walk around without jackets on and soak up the warm fresh air. It is becoming harder to do school work but unfortunately I still have to! Gelato has become a staple food now that the weather is nice! Classes are going well! I love it here and still have a few more trips to go! I am reading the Hunger Games (ADELE…) I love it. My Italian is getting better! Food is still great! People are fun. Making lots of memories. Life is good.

Long story short, and the point of this post…Italy is amazing and I never wanna leave!

Thanks for reading!!

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